How to make an Earl Grey MarTEAni

Earl Grey MarTEAni served in a chilled coupe glass. Image: Tim Nusog

To make the Earl Grey + gin infusion, take 1/8 cup of Earl Grey tea leaves and pour it into half a bottle of high-proof dry gin. Cap the bottle and give it a vigorous shaking. Let the bottle sit at room temperature for between 2 and 5 hours. Do not infuse any longer than that, as the tea tannin can make the gin bitter. (If you like the added depth of flavour, add one or two pods of star anise to the infusion). Strain the infused gin through a tea strainer into a separate container. Rinse the gin bottle to remove any leftover loose leaf tea, and pour the infusion back into the bottle. You can refrigerate and store this infusion indefinitely.

Ingredients for the cocktail:

Steps to make the cocktail:

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