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Founding fathers

Khongiya Barooahs of Thengal

The farmer-founders of Rujani Tea set up Aideobari Tea Estates in the northeast Indian state of Assam.

Standing (L to R) is Siva Prasad Barooah, Heramba Prasad Barooah and Sashi Prasad Barooah, along with their families.


Aideobari Tea Estates Pvt Ltd

Aideobari is incorporated as a private limited company on the 29th of December, 1961

Change in Guard

Raj Barooah

Raj took over the reins of running the family tea business in 1991, and since then has been evolving the business to make it sustainable, community focussed, moving away from traditional ways to innovating and developing a range of artisanal whole leaf teas.

New Beginnings

Rujani Tea is Born

In 2013, the tea farmer family of Aideobari Tea Estates Pvt Ltd, decides to venture into a new range of speciality loose-leaf teas.

The name Rujani is a family name and was chosen to spearhead this new identity of Aideobari. It's motto is to spread the awareness of loose-leaf tea made with care in small batches, and move away from the commoditised tea bags, and to really enjoy the benefits of speciality teas from Assam.


First Global Award

The International Specialty Tea Association (ISTA) hosted its inaugural awards program on June 16, 2016 with a spectacular seven-course gourmet meal and tea pairing event, at the Alize Restaurant of the Palms Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

Founder Austin Hodge presented the first ISTA awards for promoting Specialty Tea standards in the industry. Raj received the award on behalf of the Rujani and Aideobari team.


European collaborations

We have had the privilege of close collaboration with many tea sommeliers from Europe who support Aideobari and Rujani brand across the continent.

Seen here is Alexis Kaae of Simply Tea, Denmark, and the Vice-President of the European Tea Society along with Raj, during her visit to Aideobari.

New Horizons

Rujani Tea Australia

Rujani Tea opens its Australia and New Zealand division, based in Melbourne in 2019.

In it's first year of entering, two of Rujani Tea's single origin black teas wins awards at the Australian Golden Leaf Awards for Tippy Reserve and Gold Tea.

Buy Organic Tea Online in Australia


At Rujani Tea, we believe that every sip of your tea should be an experience. That’s why we provide only the finest award-winning single-origin teas from our tea farm in the Assam region of India.

We’re pleased to offer a complete selection of premium organic loose leaf teas now available to buy tea online in Australia. Indulge your senses with Rujani Tea....

Taste the Difference

Rujani Tea’s award-winning range features handcrafted organic teas sourced from and processed on our plantation in India. Each small batch is unique, but always big on flavour.

All our teas are loose leaf, allowing you to experience the full flavours and aromas of our all-natural artisanal teas.

Rujani Tea is proud to announce that our premium organic teas are now available to buy online in Australia. With our award-winning single-origin teas, you can enjoy full-flavoured organic tea online like loose leaf black, white and green tea every day.

Experience and Innovation

At Rujani Tea, we combine over 120 years of traditional tea farming with modern innovations. We are committed to sustainable and ethical tea production practices. We follow’s sustainability framework to ensure our land and community receive the proper care, helping us to provide you with the perfect brew for years to come.

While we continue to farm the classic organic loose leaf teas you love, we are also developing new artisanal blends for you to enjoy. Our range of specialty teas continues to grow with rich and bold flavours.

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast looking for a favourite blend or a business seeking a reliable wholesale tea supplier, Rujani Tea’s new online tea shop is for you. We ship our premium handcrafted tea to all areas of Australia. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart or anywhere in Australia, you won’t find a better range of fine loose leaf teas than Rujani Tea.

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From our tea farm in Assam to you, direct!

We aspire to be a tea brand of choice and without any intermediary: direct from our tea farms in Assam to your cup.

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