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Discover the finest artisanal loose leaf Assam black teas in Australia with Rujani Tea.

Flavour You Can’t Beat

At Rujani Tea, we take great pride in the rich and varied flavour profiles across our range of black teas. The natural weather conditions at our century-old tea farm in the Assam region of India, combined with our traditional processing methods, give our black teas a distinct bold and malty flavour...

Our Range of Loose Leaf Black Teas

We offer a range of loose leaf black teas with something for everyone. Our award-winning Tippy Reserve is light and fruity. Our Earl Grey blends the classic Assam tea taste with natural bergamot oil and organic blue cornflower.

While our single-origin black teas may be bold in flavour, they’re gentle on the environment. All our teas are grown and processed in line with’s sustainability code.

Explore the Rujani range and find your perfect black tea.

Tippy Reserve

With its bold colour and light, fruity flavour, the Tippy Reserve is an award-winning favourite. Made from tender young buds unique to the Assam region, this blend is perfect in the morning or afternoon.

Earl Grey

Our classic Earl Grey is flavoured with French orange bergamot oil and blended with blue cornflowers sourced locally in Australia. With a refreshing and smooth citrus-spice flavour, this one’s a classic for a reason.

Assamica Premium

Hand-harvested from native Camellia Sinensis variety Assamica tea plants, our Assamica Premium loose leaf black tea boasts an unrivalled depth of flavour. Rich and velvety, this tea is perfect any time of day.


Another Rujani award winner, this small-batch black tea is full-bodied, robust and holds a place of pride in our collection.

Taste the Rujani Difference Today

Explore the entire range and buy your black tea online at Rujani. Our online tea shop stocks a full range of premium green, black and white loose leaf teas. We are also a wholesale supplier of fine organic loose leaf teas.

All stock is available for order now and can be shipped Australia-wide. Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart or anywhere in Australia, you won’t find a better range of fine loose leaf teas than Rujani Tea.

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