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Assam Vintage

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Our tea master, Amarnath Jha, has been busy with his experiments. We are thrilled about the tea he has made, a small batch of tea that he has christened Assam Vintage.

Matured over many months, this is a late autumn flush tea. Amarnath made this tea from a hybrid clone, part of our experimental tea sections at Aideobarie. He says climate change has made these plants moody. But when all the stars align, they produce magnificent leaves.

We got lucky with enough leaves to craft a small batch of these teas. This is a whole leaf black tea, traditionally made with two leaves and a bud.

Only a few boxes of this beautiful tea are available exclusively to our loyal buyers online.

If you are a fan of Assam orthodox tea, you might want to order some now while stocks last!

Assam Vintage
Assam Vintage Sale price$30.00