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Article: #Think-Outside-The-Bag: Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags The Debate Continues The World Over

#Think-Outside-The-Bag: Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags The Debate Continues The World Over

#Think-Outside-The-Bag: Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags The Debate Continues The World Over

If you are one of those people who basically live on tea, you might have heard that loose leaf tea is better than tea bags. There are too many times to count when people have considered giving up on tea bags altogether. Being the most consumed drink after water, tea can be had at any time, any place. As beneficial and soothing as tea is, you have to make the most of it. There has been a debate going on since forever, whether loose leaf tea is a better choice over tea bags.

Loose-leaf tea VS. Teabags

Steeping loose-leaf tea allows the required room for tea leaves to breathe and absorb water and expand as they infuse. Water can then freely flow through the leaves, extracting the complete range of inherent minerals, vitamins, flavours and aromas from the leaves. If you pack leaf tea into a tea bag, it wouldn't be as flavourful as you would experience it steeped directly in a tea pot or infuser.

There are chances that the bagged tea might consist of dust and broken pieces of the loose tea leaves. Since the tea leaves in bags are broken and being so heavily processed, that its goodness is lost. If you are looking for health benefits of tea, bagged tea is not the way to go.


Further, research has proven that usage of plastic in tea bags is harmful for human consumption. Most tea bags have polyurethane to help support the tea bag's shape. Very few tea bags are eco-friendly and do not use plastic resin to hold their form. Manufacturers use plastic to seal the tea bags and retain their shape in hot liquid. When you look at the bigger picture, no matter how little the amount of plastic used, if you have a few cups a week, it adds up. Therefore, it is always better to consume loose leaf tea over teabags.

Apart from the wholesome flavour and aroma, loose leaf tea has a plethora of other health benefits as well. Being rich in antioxidants, loose leaf tea helps in lowering cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular diseases, managing weight and metabolism, and above all, soothing the mind and the soul.

How to brew loose-leaf Tea? 

Even though the switch from easy, convenient, and portable tea bags to nuanced loose leaf tea can be daunting, but trust us when we say there is nothing better than whole-leaf tea. The switch can be made a whole lot easier if you are well-versed with a basic understanding of how to brew whole-leaf or loose leaf tea.

In-cup Tea Infusers are perfect for inconvenient brewing situations. For instance, if you desire a perk me up cuppa during office hours, they can be of great help. Some of the in-cup infusers come with a "drip-tray" for the infuser to rest on after brewing.

Have a look at our range of loose leaf tea and give it a go.

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