People are drinking more tea while in isolation


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The Canberra Times recently published an article noting that some Australian teabags are hitting supermarket shelves without tags attached due to a short supply of tags. The article claims that alongside the mad rush to buy toilet paper, many Australians were also panic-buying tea!

The article claims Australians drink their fair share of tea in normal circumstances, but the fear of running out of tea seems to have increased during the pandemic.

In another recent ABC news article, Jan O’Connell, Melbourne-based author and food historian tells of particular food items being rationed from 1942 until around 1950, with one of the main items being tea. She states that at the time, Australians drank approximately 10 cups of tea a day, meaning tea rationing greatly affected many Australians.

SBS recently reported that the tea-drinking habits of Australians have increased substantially over the past five years and that a soothing cup of tea is recognised as a form of stress relief.

Steeped in history, tea is drunk and enjoyed not only in Australia but in most cultures around the world.

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While drinking tea won’t prevent illness or COVID-19, daily cuppas do increase your fluid intake, promote a calming effect and research shows tea to have immune-boosting, health-promoting, antioxidant properties.

It seems Australians are catching on to the many benefits of tea!

So, next time you’re catching up with friends and family online or attending one of your regular Zoom meetings, try doing it with a soothing cup of tea in hand — particularly if you’re offering each other support.

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“A cup of tea would restore my normality."

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