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Article: Benefits of White Tea

Benefits of White Tea
loose leaf tea

Benefits of White Tea

Like all loose leaf tea, white tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant.

The difference between black, white, green or oolong tea, is the way in which the raw tea leaf is processed in the manufacturing stage. This gives them their unique brews in terms of colour, flavours and aromas.

White tea gets its name from the colour of the tea brew and the processed leaf itself. The tea leaves and buds are picked just before they are fully open. The tender buds are covered in fine white coloured fuzzy looking hair. 

White tea is minimally processed, retaining a high amount of antioxidants, in the process. This is thought to be a reason why studies have said that white tea has many health benefits. 

This article lists a few scientific and medically researched benefits of drinking white tea.

1. White tea is very rich in antioxidants

White tea is full of catechins, which is a type of polyphenol. Polyphenols are plant-based molecules that act as antioxidants inside the body. These chemicals in our body, form the basis of a lot of the research done on tea and other super health foods such as some forms of nuts, vegetables and leafy greens, fish, berries and whole grains.

“Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Free radicals are molecules produced when your body breaks down food or when you’re exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation” —  The Mayo Clinic 

Green tea is well known for its health benefits, the world over. Studies suggest white tea has similar antioxidant benefits to green tea. Along with green tea, white tea is also one of the best types of teas for fighting these free radicals that cause harm to your health.

The antioxidants in white tea can help improve your immune system, reduce your chances of having many diseases, especially heart conditions and cancer,.

2. White tea can help you lose weight

What is the first type of tea that comes to your mind when you think of weight loss. I am sure you are thinking green tea!

While more research has been done on the effects of drinking green tea and weight loss, where a catechin compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea has been linked to decreased weight gain and/or adipose tissue weight. Both white and green teas have very similar levels of caffeine and EGCG. Studies have found that ECCG extracts from white tea, was able to breakdown and prevent new fat cells from being formed.

More research in this area is needed, to show the benefits of white tea, as has been done for green tea.

3. Loose leaf white tea is very easy to brew and drink

Loose leaf tea, in general, is preconceived to be very difficult and time consuming to brew and drink. This is a misconception.

All you need is a pot, a strainer, a cup or mug, some hot water and of course some quality loose leaf tea. Some tea infusers and kettles come with in-built strainers. Easy peasy!

To get the best of your loose leaf tea, simply add the white tea leaf (a pinch or small tea spoon full) to a teapot and pour hot water over the tea leaves. Let the leaves steep for three to four minutes, then strain and serve the tea into a cup.

Do not use boiling water. Heat it to around 75 to 80°C (170 to 185°F). Any hotter, and the water will damage the delicate tea leaf. If you do not have a kettle with a built in thermometer, you can bring the water to a boil and let it sit for a few mins. The water will have cooled down enough to be just right for your white tea.

White tea has a smooth, aromatic and refreshing taste. It can be enjoyed both hot or as a cold brew. Cold brews are a little more time consuming, but are equally healthy, and the topic for another blog post.

white tea

If you prefer your brew strong and robust, do not steep you tea for a longer duration. Instead, you should add more loose tea leaf. Personal tastes and preferences are just that, personal! You should try different combinations of tea leaf quantities, water temperatures and steeping times. Experiment until you create the right flavour balance for your personal taste preferences.

With the current COVID-19 situation, and all of us being in lockdown, now is a great time to start your loose leaf tea journey. You have time at home, and good quality tea helps with your immune system. Double winner!

You can purchase white tea leaves from our online web-store or your local health food store. Your support of our local small business is much appreciated at this time.

The brass tacks

White tea is full of cancer prevention agents, which makes it an unbelievably healthy tea. Studies have connected white tea and its compounds to an assortment of amazing medical advantages, including a lower danger of coronary illness and malignancy. It might assist you with getting more slimmer.

Unfortunately, white tea has not been studied as much as green teas. More research is needed on white tea, which would help proclaim its medical advantages with more conviction.

On the whole, white tea is an incredible expansion to your beverage and health regimen and it is anything but difficult to bring into your daily routine. It has an inconspicuous yet invigorating taste and can be delightful, both as a hot and as a cold brew.

Buy our award-winning, single-origin, hand-crafted, artisanal white teas and enjoy the benefits for yourself.

Happy brewing!

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