Assam Tea Debuts at the Australian International Tea Expo 2018

September 2018

Rujani Tea was invited to the Australian International Tea Expo 2018 from the 10th to the 12th of September 2018, in Melbourne. Rujani Tea showcased over 20 teas from Assam. Teas grown, picked and processed in their twin gardens of Aideobari Tea Estates (also the holding company of Rujani Teas) and Rangajan Tea gardens located in the Brahmaputra Valley of Upper Assam region of India.

During the Expo, Rujani Tea displayed, held cupping / tasting and sampling sessions of its range of Assam teas. The teas include Black Orthodox, White Teas, Floral Teas, Gold, Silver & Smoky Teas amongst others.

Rujani Teas looks forward to introducing to Australians the many flavours of Assam Tea!

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