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Article: Teas to Help you Heal!

Teas to Help you Heal!

Teas to Help you Heal!


A warm, soothing cup of tea can be a welcome relief when you’re feeling unwell and has been proven to have particular healing properties.

We know the importance of drinking plenty of fluids when you’re feeling unwell, and a comforting cup of tea is ideal to keep you hydrated and to help ease symptoms.

Tea can be beneficial for blocked noses, headaches, stomach aches, sore throats and insomnia, as well as help to break up congestion. 

In recent clinical research , at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, an active ingredient found in black tea has been said to help battle the COVID-19 virus in the clinic’s test tubes. Chloroquine contains an alkaloid, Quinoline, which is present in various plant species, including cocoa and black tea, as well as in scotch whiskey!

Prof Paterson, said it wasn’t a stretch to label it “a treatment or a cure”.

Hot liquid naturally soothes your throat and breaks up congestion, while adding a dollop of honey to your black tea can help to relieve a cough and aid in sleeping. Squeezing in some lemon can also add a burst of Vitamin C and the added support to the immune system.

Green tea, such as Rujani’s Rose Green and Exotica Flat, as well as white tea like our Bai Mu Dan Bliss and Signature White are high on antioxidants, which can destroy bacteria that introduce disease-causing pathogens in your body.

Green and white tea’s health benefits include its high antioxidant content (up to 27%), which supports your body when fighting colds and infections, boosting your energy and immunity, while also promoting a healthy metabolism.

Further research has shown that drinking up to five cups of black tea every day for two weeks can help to improve your immune system to fight colds, flus and viruses and reduce blood pressure levels.

The benefits of Chai tea include aiding in digestion. Cinnamon, a primary ingredient in Chai tea may help to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. Ginger is well-known to reduce nausea, so ginger’s presence in Chai tea may assist with this (particularly in pregnancy), as well as improve digestion. Other ingredients in Chai tea such as cardamom and cloves are known to have antibacterial properties.

Assam teas, such as our Assamica Premium Orthodox tea, is a black tea derived from the Assam region of India. Tea in general is known to provide an energy boost and increased mental alertness, which is beneficial when you’re feeling unwell or run-down. Experts advise drinking loose-leaf tea rather than tea bags to receive the full health benefits of black tea.

In these uncertain times, if you’re feeling rough, try curling up with a comforting cup of hot tea. It tastes great and can provide some amazing health benefits to help you heal.

But, an important caveat: No one vitamin and mineral has been tested on humans that has proven to fight off COVID19. There is no evidence of an effective prevention method or treatment as yet, and the medical fraternity is hard at work to find one soon.

Still, it’s a good time to prioritize taking care of your body and staying as healthy as you can.

Stay indoors, stay safe! As they say, “This too shall pass”!

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