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The TeaGRAM Podcast

Ep. #1 • 14 Feb 21

Raj Barooah, founder of Rujani Tea

I am joined by Raj in a no-holds-barred chat, where he talks about the commodification of the Assam tea industry, and why and how he has responded.

Come join us and listen in to, what we hope, will be an interesting twenty minutes. Just enough time to brew your favourite cup of tea and enjoy this podcast.

Ep. #2 • 09 Mar 21

Daniela Titiun, founder of Tea Cachai

In Episode 2, we speak with Daniela Titiun, who is a certified Tea Sommelier by the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada and a blogger at Tea Cachai.

She's lived in 5 different countries and has a background in Business and Fashion. Her love for tea has inspired her to share this passion with others through her blog and social media and she focuses on creating recipes using tea as an ingredient.

Ep. #3 • 20 Mar 21

Michael Zaborowski, a tea professional from Seattle

In our 3rd episode of the TeaGRAM, we speak with Michael Zaborowski of Seattle, in the USA. We first met Michael at the World Tea Expo a few years back. He was then, a brand ambassador and operations manager in the tea industry, in Seattle. 

Michael has a major in history, he has toured China extensively, and we have enjoyed his company at our Aideobarie and Rangajan tea estates in Assam. He loves how tea brings people together and shares his knowledge on how to bring the end consumer closer to the tea producers.

Ep. #4 • 31 Mar 21

Cheryl Teo, Melbourne tea sommelier

Cheryl Teo, our next guest, is a Melbourne local and is a certified tea sommelier. Cheryl is the founder of Flag & Spear, which offers tea workshops and tea education.

We chat with Cheryl in this episode about her meaning of a "tea hunter", what she has experienced while doing her word in tea pairing, tea education and training, as well as her advice on how to enjoy loose leaf tea from China and India.

Ep. #5 • 31 Mar 21

Adeline Teoh, Sydney based writer and tea connoisseur

Adeline Teoh, our next guest is a Sydneysider. A writer by day and a tea connoisseur, Adeline writes about tea amongst many other eclectic topics.

Today we discuss her passion for all things tea, the Australian tea scene and what it is to be a tea drinker in a multicultural Australia of the 21st century.

Ep. #6 • 02 May 21

Indi Khanna, founder of Tea Studio and a tea veteran

Indi Khanna is a 45 year veteran of the Indian tea industry and is the founder of the Tea Studio, based in the Nilgiris, in South India.

Having spent time in all the tea growing regions of the Indian Subcontinent, Indi has quite a knack for storytelling and is passionate about tea re-emerging as a premium product, driven by good quality whole-leaf teas. He says "the more people see better teas the more we'll have people turning towards better teas."

EP. #7 • 12 May 21

Muskan Khanna, head honcho at the Tea Studio and a pioneer in the tea industry

Muskan is the Head of Operations at the Tea Studio in the Nilgiris, in South India.  Muskan produces 16 bespoke teas, all made to order, and with her all-women team at the Tea Studio.

Muskan has won many awards through her work at the Tea Studio, and in 2019, Muskan was named Woman Innovator of the Year in the Indian Business Women Awards.

Ep. #8 • 21 May 21

Leon J Lyell, Melbourne  resident with roots in Darjeeling Tea

On the occasion of International Tea Day, I speak with Melbourne resident and history buff, Leon Lyell. Leon is a retired university administrator, a part-time family historian/blogger and a full-time history student. 

Leon's mum was born in one of the oldest tea plantations in Darjeeling. He shares his mum's story about growing up in India and other related nostalgia.

Stay tuned for  fortnightly episodes!