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Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year, during Christmas we are hard pressed to think of gift ideas for all our loved ones. There is this sense of overwhelming frustration in not being able to give something unique every year, something that will be truly useful and appreciated by the receiver for a long time to come.

For the special aunt or uncle, or the grand parents that love tea, we are happy to say that we will do gift sets that fit your budget and your loved ones tea choices.

Here are a few examples of what we have curated for your Christmas gift ideas.

We will specially gift pack, in festive packaging, five of our best teas from our Signature Collection and ship the package safely to your chosen delivery address. 
Weight: 15 grams each (75 grams in total)
Price: $30 + shipping
Order by: 15th Dec
Delivery: 7 days
If you have any specific requirement, we can make arrangements, if you inform us in an email, along with your order.

Alternatively, you may want to order our tea gift set, which come in three small canisters and is ideal for gifting. While they come as a set, they can also be ordered individually. These are a set of three of our best black, green and oolong teas.

Weight: 50 to 75 grams each (185 grams in total)
Price: $55 + shipping
Order by: 15th Dec
Delivery: 7 days


These orders can be made via an email to and we will arrange for payments via an online invoice and delivery post that.

We hope you have an enjoyable holiday with friends and family. Happy holidays!