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A Personal Selection of Our Teas - Just For you!

Rujani Tea’s online tea shop offers you the most delicate and delightful organic loose leaf teas.

As a premium tea seller, we believe in growing and producing our teas in a way that’s both sustainable and ethical. This is why we only sell organic loose leaf tea that is harvested from and processed on our tea farm in Assam, India. Our farm follows the sustainability and ethical practices to ensure you get excellent tasting tea for years to come.

Given your selections in the quiz, below is a selection that has been curated just for you, to enjoy the Rujani Tea experience, and to get you started.

Signature White

With its golden hue and floral aroma, our Signature White tea is calming and luxurious. A perfect accompaniment to an evening bath.

Mountain Mist

Inspired by classic Chinese green teas, Mountain Mist is a hand-picked while the buds are young and tender, offering a lasting taste that’s both refreshing and calming.

Assamica Premium

Hand-picked from native Camellia Sinensis Assamica tea plants, this black tea boasts an unrivalled depth of flavour. Rich and velvety, this is perfect for anytime of day. 


Explore the entire range and buy your tea online at Rujani. Our online tea shop stocks a full range of premium green, black and white loose leaf teas. We are also a wholesale supplier of fine organic loose leaf teas.

All stock is available for order now and can be shipped Australia-wide. Whether you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, Hobart or Adelaide, or anywhere else in Australia, you won’t find a better range of fine loose leaf teas than Rujani Tea.