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CTC Royale Chai


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Enjoy a cup of Rujani’s robust, delectable CTC Royale Chai at any time of the day.

This single origin CTC tea is well-liked amongst Chai tea drinkers and has been lovingly created in our tea farms in Assam, India – the world’ largest tea-growing region. CTC stands for Crush-Tear-Curl, and is a process in which the tea leaf is rolled into tiny spheres of black tea. These tea spheres, pack in them the robustness and rich aromas, that Assam tea is famous for.

The Chai Tea is blended with our tea master, Amarnath Jha's favourite spices, the recipe for which have been handed down to him from his maternal grandmother.

This tea’s leaves are particularly strong and bold, making for a perfect cup of Chai.

Tasting Notes: Rich/Robust/Strong/Bold

Recommended time of day: All-day

Rujani Tea Brewing Instructions

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