Black CTC Tea and Loose Leaf Chai Tea

CTC (or crush, tear, curl) refers to a tea production method that originated in the Assam region of India in the 1930s. During this process, the tea leaves are passed through a series of sharp-toothed rollers that crush, tear and roll the leaves into small pellets. The finished product is quick to infuse and delivers a robust flavour with rich aromas.

Our range of CTC teas are sourced from our century-old tea fields in the Assam region of India. The selection includes premium quality black teas and loose leaf chai tea. Whether you’re looking for the perfect breakfast tea for that morning pick-me-up or a rich and winter-warming chai, you’ll find a quality blend at Rujani Tea...

Our Loose Leaf Chai Tea

Made from our tea-master’s traditional Indian family recipe, our loose leaf chai tea is built on a base of the finest Assam black tea. We then add a perfectly balanced selection of premium spices including hints of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and more.

The result is a hand-blended loose leaf chai tea that is robust and full bodied with a balanced spice flavour that doesn’t overshadow the tea leaves.

Our selection of CTC and loose leaf chai tea blends are perfect when brewed black or sweetened with honey and milk. Of course, we recommend brewing black to fully enjoy the flavours. Steep for around five minutes and service straight up.

At Rujani Tea, we pride ourselves on providing the finest loose leaf teas in Melbourne. Explore the entire range and buy your loose leaf tea online today. We are also wholesale tea suppliers and can work with you to provide bulk orders for businesses.

All stock is available for order now and can be shipped Australia-wide. If you’re looking to buy tea online anywhere in Australia, you won’t find a better range of fine loose leaf teas than Rujani Tea.

Whether you’re looking for loose leaf chai tea, premium Indian style green or white teas or Assam black tea, you’ll find the finest quality small batch teas at Rujani.

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